General Information

OSO/Chalmers IT resources are defined to include computers, computer data networks, IT services, information resources, software and databases. It is prohibited to use OSO/Chalmers IT resources to disseminate or store information improperly or to act as an intermediary with regard to information that: Runs counter to existing laws, e.g. through incitement to racial or ethnic hatred, child pornography offences, unlawful portrayal of violence, slander, disturbing the peace, unauthorised access to computer systems or unlawful use of computer information, as well as violating copyrights, May be construed as political, ideological or religious propaganda, Violates the law regarding the processing of personal data to protect individual integrity May otherwise be interpreted as abusive or offensive, Is used for commercial purposes, including marketing products or services that have not been approved by OSO/Chalmers, or that Otherwise disrupts the IT systems of OSO/Chalmers.

Duly Authorised Users

Duly authorised users are those who have been granted access privileges to OSO/Chalmers IT resources. Authorised users should in particular pay attention to the following: User authorisations are personal and may only be used by individuals who have been granted such specific access privileges.

Using the Internet at Chalmers

Internet connections at OSO/Chalmers are intended to be used in the areas of data search, communications and other relevant purposes that are consistent with the mission and operations of OSO/Chalmers: Use caution in downloading computer software and files since there is always the risk of encountering malicious software (“malware”) in this process. You are not allowed to handle materials protected by copyright without explicit permission. Guests are permitted to access the Internet to a limited extent also for their personal use by using computer equipment supplied by OSO/Chalmers on the conditions that such use does not prevent others from using these IT resources and that these user directions are fully respected.

Copyright Protected Materials

Unauthorised copying, storage or dissemination of materials protected by copyright, such as software, music, pictures, films, videos or texts, is strictly prohibited. Rules for Choosing and Handling Passwords for OSO/Chalmers IT Resources Passwords may never be disclosed to anyone else. Never save your user name and password in the browser of any computer for automatic log-in. Passwords must immediately be changed if you suspect that someone else may have come across such confidential information.

Non-Chalmers Computer Equipment

All computers or other computer equipment connected to the networks of OSO/Chalmers, regardless of ownership or location, must meet high levels of security, including a fully updated anti-virus program, a firewall and an updated version of its operating system. Computers must never be contaminated by computer viruses or other malware. All current computer user names must be linked to safe passwords.

Data Interception

Intercepting the traffic of data networks is prohibited.

Handling Sensitive Information

Sensitive information, e.g. passwords to access OSO/Chalmers IT resources, should never be sent by e-mail, must never be published at websites or otherwise be handled carelessly. Private information worth protecting, such as credit and debit card numbers and entry codes to buildings, should also be handled with the same caution and prudence.

Virus Prevention

You are not allowed to disperse or install computer viruses or other malware in the process of using OSO/Chalmers IT resources.

Security Leaks and Security Gaps

It is expressly prohibited to use security leaks or security gaps to one’s personal advantage. Examples include technical deficiencies (e.g. security shortcomings of Windows), or human oversight (e.g. somebody neglecting to lock his/her display screen).

Server Software

You must never install server applications or services on OSO/Chalmers-owned IT equipment without explicit permission by OSO/Chalmers.