NaFCI computer resources access request



  1. Agreement to the general directions for using IT resources;
    I have read and agreed to the general directions for using the IT resources of Onsala Space Observatory/Chalmers

  2. Type of project - please specify radio astronomy facilities involved (select all that apply);
    (To request support for your ALMA project, please contact instead the Nordic ARC at

  3. Scientific justification
    Please provide a brief scientific justification (maxsize: 500 characters):

  4. Data management plan
    Please, specify your data management plan to help us in understanding your needs. Be aware that according to our NaFCI data policy, data that is not actively being processed can be hosted for a period of maximum 1 year and that we do not provide long term storage. Please briefly indicate:
    1. Processing and storage needs
    2. (example: we will require the standard use of CASA to reduce ALMA mosaics)
    3. Timeline
    4. (example: the project is planned for a duration of 1 year)
    5. End of project
    6. Indicate if a transfer to external storage will be needed, and an estimate of data sizes involved.
    7. Legacy Data
    8. Please indicate if you expect your project to produce legacy data of the interest to the astronomy community. In such cases, long term solutions can be explored to make legacy data publicly available upon request.

  5. Preferred system, see NaFCI data policy

In addition to the above, non-Chalmers guests that are physically visiting Onsala need to fill in the OSO visitors form (password-protected) before they visit. Non-Chalmers guests travelling to Onsala for Face-to-Face support on site need to have their personal equipment granted access to the network during their stay at the Observatory. Information on the equipment must be provided prior to arrival to the Observatory premises.